RH 22 104 tunes of faith

00. Nearer, my God, to thee Tune BETHANY

01. The Lord's my shepherd Tune CRIMOND

02. The Lord's my shepherd Tune WILTHIRE

03. The Lord is King Tune STROUDWATER

04. I waited for the Lord Tune BALLERMA

05. Now Israel may say Tune OLD 124TH

06. Ye holy angels bright Tune DARWALL

07. As pants the hart for cooling streams MARTYRDOM

08. Through all the changing scenes Tune WILTSHIRE

09. Begin, my tongue, some heavenly themeTune ST MAGNUS

10. Now to the Lord a noble song Tune TRURO

11. Blest the everlasting God BISHOPSTHORPE

12. Have you not known Tune PRAETORIUS

13. Behold the amazing gift of love Tune ABRIDGE

14. A hope so great and so divine Tune NEWINGTON

15. We give immortal praise Tune CROFT'S 136TH

16. When all your mercies Tune HARINGTON

17. I sing the almighty power of God Tune MONTROSE

18. Praise ye the Lord Tune JUSTIFICATION

19. Give to our God immortal praise Tune DUKE STREET

20. God is the refuge of his saints Tune WINCHESTER NEW

21. Our God, our help in ages past Tune ST ANNE

22. God himself is present Tune ARNSBERG

23. O God of Bethel Tune SALZBURG

24. Father in whom we live Tune CORONA

25. Great God, we sing that mighty... Tune WAREHAM

26. The God of Abraham Praise Tune LEONI

27. God moves in a mysterious... Tune LONDON NEW

28. Amazing grace Tune AMAZING GRACE

29. Let christian faith and hope dispel Tune ST ANDREW

30. Praise the Lord Tune LAUS DEO

31. Father of heaven Tune SONG 5

32. Almighty son Tune UFFINGHAM

33. Lord, your almighty word Tune MOSCOW

34. Songs of praise the angels sang Tune CULBACH

35. O bless the Lord, my soul Tune DAY OF PRAISE

36. The Lord is King Tune CHURCH TRIUMPHANT

37. Holy, holy, holy Tune NICEA

38. God is love his mercy brightens Tune SUSSEX

39. O worship the King Tune HANOVER

40. My God, how wonderful thou Tune WESTMINSTER

41. Souls of men Tune OMNI DIE

42. Souls of men Tune CROSS OF JESUS

43. Firmly I believe and truly Tune SHARON

44. Praise to the Holiest Tune GERONTIUS

45. The king of love... Tune DOMINUS REXIT ME

46. The king of love my shepherd Tune ST COLUMBIA

47. God who made the earth Tune BEECHWOOD

48. God of eternity Tune RUSSIA

49. Lord, you have searched me Tune SOLDAU

50. God whose farm is all creation Tune SHIPSTON

51. Praise our God the great creator Tune MARCHING

52. How deep the riches of our God Tune BELAIR

53. Our God, be gracious unto Tune CRUCIS VICTORIA

54. Our God, we know your providence Tune BILLING

55. O Jesus, King most wonderful Tune METZLER

56. My God, I love thee Tune HERMON

57. Fairest Lord Jesus Tune ST ELISABETH

58. Come let us join our cheerful song Tune NATIVITY

59. Worthy the lamb Tune COVENANTERS

60. With joy we meditate the grace Tune MANCHESTER

61. Jesus thy blood and righteouness Tune FULDA

62. O for a thousand tongues to sing Tune RICHMOND

63. Father, whose everlasting love Tune MELCOMBE

64. Let him to whom we now belong Tune JACKSON

65. Love divine, all loves excelling Tune LOVE DIVINE

66. Rejoice, the Lord is King Tune GOPSAL

67. When morning gilds the sky Tune LAUDES DOMINI

68. Come, O Fount of every blessing Tune SHARON

69. This, this is the God we adore Tune CELESTE

70. Jesus, the first and last Tune ST OLAVE

71. With glorious clouds Tune METZLER

72. Approach, my soul, the mercy seat Tune BANGOR

73. How sweet the name of Jesus... Tune ST BOTOLPH

74. How sweet the name of Jesus sounds Tune ST PETER

75. All hail the power of Jesus?name Tune MILES LANE

76. Immortal love for ever full Tune STRACATHRO

77. At even, when the sun was set Tune ANGELUS

78. It is a thing most wonderful Tune HERONGATE

79. One who is all unfit to count Tune BURFORD

80. O come and mourn with me awhile Tune ST CROSS

81. The glory of our King was Tune MORNING SONG

82. Ye choirs of new Jerusalem Tune ST FULBERT

83. The people that in darkness walked Tune CREDITON

84. Nature with open volume stands Tune RIVAULX

85. I know that my redeemer lives Tune CHURCH TRIUMPHANT

86. The Lord is risen today Tune ST MICHAEL

87. Joy! because the circling year Tune LÜBECK

88. Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come Tune TALLIS' ORDINAL

89. O come and dwell in us Tune HAMPTON

90. Lord God, the Holy Ghost Tune VENICE

91. O breath of God Tune GALILEE

92. Holy Spirit, come confirm us Tune ALL FOR JESUS

93. Break thou the bread of life Tune BREAD OF LIFE

94. O send your light Tune ST NICHOLAS

95. God merciful and righteous is Tune KILMARNOCK

96. How glad I was the hear men say Tune ST PAUL

97. Come, dearest Lord, descend and well Tune TALLIS' CANON

98. How bright these glorious spirits shine Tune ARDEN

99. Jesus, united by thy grace Tune DUNFERMLINE

100. Jesus, we look at thee Tune GALWAY

101. Dear Shepherd of your people Tune MENDIP

102. Jesus, where?er thy people meet Tune FESTUS

103. May the grace of Christ our Saviour Tune WALTHAM

104 Head of the church,our risen Lord Tune BIRLING