RH 8 Short Hymns 56 kurze Stücke aus Hymns Ancient & Modern New Standard vom Juni 1983 / 20. Auflage vom Januar 2013.

Ich finde die englischen Lieder sehr schön und habe hier ein paar herausgebracht.

1. Salzburg (Michael Haydn) Midi

2. Maisemore (John Dykes Bower) Midi

3. Rodmell (Trad. arr. by Ralph Vaughan Williams) Midi

4. Lord of the home (Ralph Harrison) Midi

5. Lift up your heads (T. William) Midi

6. Jesus, we just obey (Arthur Somervell) Midi

7. In Adam we have all be one (ancient melody) Midi

8. I come with joy ro meet my Lord (Gordon Slater) Midi

9. Holy Spirit, come, confirm us (John Stainer) Midi

10. God, you have giv'n us power to sound (ancient melody) Midi

11. Forth in the peace of Christ we go (ancient melody) Midi

12. For the bread which you have broken (ancient melody) Midi

13. Finished the strife of battle now (A. Gregory Murray) Midi

14. Eternal God, we consecrate (Henry John Gauntlett) Midi

15. Christ, when for us your were baptized (Trad.) Midi

16. Christ is the heavenly fruit (Thomas Jackson) Midi

17. Can man by searching find out God? (Charles Wesley) Midi

18. We have a gospel to proclaim (William Gardiner) Midi

19. Upon thy table, Lord, we place (Jeremiah Clarke) Midi

20. The God who rules this earth (S.S.Wesley) Midi

21. The Lord's day (Aaron Williams) Midi

22. Strengthen for service, Lord, the hands (Ach Gott und Herr aus dem neuen Leipziger Gesangbuch, 1682 Tonsatz: J.S.Bach) Midi

23. Sing we a song of high revolt (Georg Friedrich Händel) Midi

24. Praise we now the word of grace (John Wesley's Foundary Collection, 1742) Midi

25. O day of God, draw nigh (Genfer Psalter 1561) Midi

26. Now let us from this table rise (aus der Schweiz) Midi

27. Now is eternal life (C. Steggall) Midi

28. Lord, we are blind (J.D.Meyer, Geistliche Seelenfreude, 1692) Midi

29. Lord, save the world (Hymnodus Sacer, Leipzig 1625) Midi

30. Lord Christ, the Father's mighty son (Peter Cutts) Midi

31. Jesus, whose all-redeeming love (C. Hutchinson) Midi

32. Jesus, my Lord, how rich the grace (Thomas Turton) Midi

33. Help us, to help each other, Lord (Scottish Psalter, 1615) Midi

34. Help us, o Lord, to learn (Melody from W. Sandy's Christmas Carols, 1833) Midi

35. Have faith in God, my heart (Samuel Wesley) Midi

36. God, whose farm is all creation (J.L.Steiner) Midi

37. God who created this Eden on earth (J.C.Kittel) Midi

38. Give us the wings of faith to rise (from E. Prys, Psalms 1621) Midi

39. O heavenly Jerusalem (H.J.Gauntlett) Midi

40. Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright (Henry Smart) Midi

41. 'Tis good Lord, to be here (Charles Lockhart) Midi

42. Jesus calls us: o'er the tumult (Edward Henry Thorne) Midi

43. The God from earth and sea and sky (Michael Praetorius) Midi

44. Palms of glory, raiment bright (William Dalrymple Maclagan) Midi

45. How bright these glorious spirits shine! (William Henry Harris) Midi

46. Lo round the throne, a glorious band (Henry Lawes) Midi

47. Soldiers, who are Christs' below (ancient melody) Midi

48. How beauteous are their feet (1st tune: William Amps) Midi

49. How beauteous are their feet (2nd tune: Aaron Williams Midi

50. Captains of the saintly band Henry John Gauntlett) Midi

51. The eternal gifts of Christ the King (John Bishop) Midi

52. Praise, o praise our God and King (John Antes) Midi

53. For peaceful homes and healthful days (John Bacchus Dykes) Midi

54. Lord, pour thy spirit from on high (Timothy R. Matthews) Midi

55. My God, accept my heart this day (Alexander Robert Reinagle) Midi

56. O God, unseen yet ever near (Psalms 1562) Midi